Administrative Clerk/Assistant

Cape Town

From my 16 years’ experience as an Administrative Clerk (FINANCE DEPARTMENT), I have developed top administrative skills and believe that I will be an asset to the office. My skills is a perfect match for what you are looking for.

I do have training and experience in PASTEL and Microsotf Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook). I also have a certificate in Junior Bookkeeping to Trail Balance and do not have a National diploma.

I worked on these programs daily. My main responsibilities were as follows:


·       Checking all accounts against invoices (stationery, school needs, fuel, etc.)

 • Presenting cheques/Internet banking for signature.

• Dispatching cheques/Internet banking.

• Entering all charges in the fees ledger.

 • Preparing and typing accounts.

 • Checking on payments and sending out reminders when parents slip-up on payments.

 • Receiving money and issuing receipts for the following: –

–         School fees

–         Fund-raising

–        Music fees

–        Computer fees

–         Cafeteria

–        Sport clothes

–         Rental of equipment/ buildings

–        Extra-curricular activities

 • Receipting and banking all monies in appropriate accounts.

• Entering receipt and expenditure.

• Handling of petty cash.

 • Ensuring adequate receipt books and vouchers.

• Monthly Preparation of financial statements.

• Collation of Income & Expenditure Statement for presentation to the Governing Body.

• Preparing monthly statements.

 • Monthly. Payment of contract and governing body personnel.

• Distributing I.R.P.5 Tax Certificates issued by the WCED 9

–        Distributing of I.R.P. 5 certificates in orderly manner 9

–        Checking addresses for staff members no longer at the school 9

–        Keeping record of all annual salaries and wages for tax calculation purposes

• Administering salaries of personnel paid by Governing body

–        Calculation and issuing of cheques,

–        Unemployment Insurance Fund

–        ANNEXURE B 5 calculations and paying over to the State.

–        S.I.T.E. and P.A.Y.E. deductions and paying over to the Receiver of Revenue

–        Compiling of wage sheets

–        Calculation of pro-rata bonuses

–        Drawing of wages and making up of wage packets

–        Calculation of retrospective increases when additional funds are made available

–        Application for withdrawals from the Pension Fund

–        Distributing I.R.P. 5 and issue I.T. 3 Tax Certificates to staff paid by the governing body.

 • Managing all other tax-related affairs.

·       Maintaining a filing system for records of correspondence, manuals, expenditure, inventory, etc.

·       Leasing out the school’s facilities.

·       Controlling the Inventory

I am in the position of my own reliable vehicle and currently live in Hopefield but are willing to relocate if necessary. I am immediate available to start working as Administrator at your company.

Have a blessed day and please stay safe.

Your sincerely

Petula Angelique Louw

082 736 8553



Grade 12 at High School Weston

Afrikaans First Language, English Second Language, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Geography, Physical Science, Biology, Mathematics


Junior Bookkeeping: Bookkeeping to Trail Balance at ICB

• Administer credit purchases transaction
• Administer credit Sales
• Administer income & receipts
• Administer payments & expenses
• Calculate and record VAT payments
• Compile reconciliation statements
• Prepare general ledger accounts and initial Trail Balance
• Recording income and receipts
• Understand the Petty Cash Systems


2013 at West Coast College

• Office Systems Management
• ICT Risk Mangement
• Human Recourse
• Facilities
• Finances


2020 - 2020

Admin Clerk at ADLO Aliminium

Switchboard handling
Receiving visitors
Organize and schedule meetings
Review of files and records
Receiving and sorting incoming / outgoing mail
Handling of filing system
Compilation of records
Photocopying, scanning, faxing and sending and receiving emails
Typing of documents and correspondence
Data entry
Maintaining and updating databases
Control of basic accounting (cash books, checking invoices)
Maintenance of petty cash
Maintenance and ordering of all stock


Administration Clerk at St Andrew's Primary School

1) Regular contact with parents of learners represented in school.
2) Answer phone.
3) Responsible for handling all incoming fees / charges.
4) Dealing with creditors and debtors
5) Responsible for receipt books’ handling and storage.
6) Safe deposit fees.
7) Accounting of all income and expenses.
8) Effective control of Bank Accounts and Investments accounts.
9) Payment procedures in procurement and payments.
10) Check and control of private transport demands.
11) Control and approve of Cheque requisition forms or Internet banking requisitions.
12) Petty
13) Follow-up and tracking WCED funds as deposit and other deposits.
14) Financial reconciliations.
15) Payment and control of Governing body posts and / or Paying Jobs.
16) Contractual payments of finance lease and hire purchase.
17) Regular reporting and logical and Income & Expenditure for responsible Committees, WCED and other relevant parties.
18) Check and follow up of the School Budget.
19) Review of School budgets inputs and final composition according to guidelines.
20) Clear application of Budgeting Manager.
21) Contractual use of leasing assets School.
22) Administration of Sponsorships Donations as obtained by SGB and other parties.
23) Filing and storage of Administrative and Financial documentation.
24) Maintenance of various control registers.
25) Responsible for the School Financial Statements.
26) Management of inventory and other items per orders.
27) Cross checks between Inventories and purchases.
28) Ensure that Principal Financial and advised other implications.
29) Ensure correct purchases to cleaning agents for the toilet facilities of learners.
30) Support development of School Improvement Plan. (SIP)
31) Undertake own inspections regarding building maintenance, toilet facilities,
32) municipal taxes and other relevant cost drivers.
33) Collect and processed information as applicable to the improvement of School Policy documents.
34) The rule of Finance Committee meetings in conjunction with the Finance Committee Chairman.
35) The maintenance of IT systems such as accounting in use at the school.
36) Regular improvement of reporting and accounting outputs.
37) Manage and organize budget of the school daily.

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